Ads Check by SMIT

Quick and convenient tool to check advertising account information.

Ads Check

General introduction

New Facebook update makes it impossible for you to check your account's threshold advertising fox. You want to see the total amount spent by your Facebook Ads account, but you have to click on ever advertising account, very time consuming.

Our tool will help you check the information of your advertising account Report quickly, accurately!

Main feature

The utility will help you quickly check indicators such as :

  • - Ad account ID
  • - Name of each ad account
  • - Change the ad account name.
  • - Limit index of the ad account
  • - Ad account Threshold metric
  • - Total spend of the ad account

Versions Detail

Latest Version

Version 2.1.0

3 months ago

  • Direct display of account information on the settings page payment adaccount
  • Add feature to view account details
  • Change ad account permissions
  • Search account and ad account ID
  • Share Pixel to personal account

Old Versions

Version 1.3.0

5 months ago

  • Fixed a bug that could not update Limit
  • Update to track total account spending