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Smit is the choice for maximum support for advertisers led by marketing experts. Whether personal or business, Smit will also help the advertising process to be more effective.

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Optimal solution for advertising

Our App Smit is at the forefront of Facebook API technology. Smit is led by a professional, cross-platform marketing expert who understands what customers need. That is why we have designed Smit technology solutions to help customers create more optimal income from the time and stages of customer targeting. With a suite of professional solutions Smit will help you increase work efficiency up to 60%.

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What Solutions We Provide

Ads Check by SMIT

View and manage ads account

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Ads Manager Pro

Manage advertising campaigns

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SMIT Translator

Automatically translate directly on the dialogue. Multi-language and cross-platform support: Pancake, Nobita or Smax

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SMIT Cookies

Manage multiple cookies on the same browser and on multiple devices through cloud data synchronization

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Find Facebook ID

Tool to look up ID through Facebook account link

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SMIT Check

Verify file originality

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